D.A.V. College, Abohar Congratulates all The 40 students who got selected in Wipro Placement Drive Conducted on 15th-16th October,2018.

Academic Council

College Has an Academic Council Consisting of All the Head Of Departments, Principal, Student Representatives, LMC Representatives and eminent local level educationsits. All the Academic activities and calendar of the college is being decided by this Academic Council through various meetings at Regular Time Interval. Some of the Key features implemented in previous years by the Academic Council are :

  • There is a system of continuous evaluation through tests, tutorials, seminars, quizzes and viva.
  • Centralized evaluation system for mid term tests with question papers set as per Punjab University norms in standard format.
  • Displaying the attendance at the end of each month and the marks obtained in each term tests on notice boards to ensure complete transparency in academic system.
  • Sending of attendance-cum-performance report to the parents for their information and to seek their support for improving the performance especially in the cases of academically deficient students.
  • Periodic counseling of academically deficient students to identify the weaknesses and suggesting remedial measures for their improvement.
  • In each academic session an academic audit is conducted to find out the strengths and shortcomings of each department All efforts are then made to eliminate the traced shortcomings.