D.A.V. College, Abohar Congratulates all The 40 students who got selected in Wipro Placement Drive Conducted on 15th-16th October,2018.


DAV College Abohar has a long history of Promotion of Research. Here full autonomy is provided to the Principal Investigator in Budget Utilization, Also Timely Availability or Release of Funds is there for Inverstigator(s).  College provides Autonomy to various departments to Organize Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops. Also Duty Leave is provided to Teachers for Attending Seminars/Conferences. Also college provides Laboratory Space, Computers, Internet Facility, Subscription of National, International Journals Provided by the College and Available on INFLIBNET.

Also College is having a Research Committee to monitor and address the issues related to research, Well-equipped ultra-modern Research labs in Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science department. The Institute has Recieved grants to the tune of 20.85 lakhs in various major and minor projects. Also College recieved UGC additional assistance grants to the tune of Rs. 44 lakhs. Also various other grants from various other funding agencies have been recieved time to time. College faculty has recieved 3 Major and 6 Minor Research projects, out of which 1 major is completed and 2 are in progress, and 2 minor project is completed and 4 are under progress. 9 Faculty members of college are guiding various Ph.D. and M.Phil. students.
College has its own Biannual Multi-lingual Research Journal "Shodhdhara". In last 4 years 108 Research papers have been published by the faculty of the College. Also 34 Papers have been presented in various International/National Conferences and Seminar by the faculty. College Faculty has Published 34 books, edited 6 books and have 6 chapters published in edited books. üDr. RituPasrija received best Presentation Award at International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics, held at Singapore. Mrs. SarojMadaan received Guru VandanaChatraAbhinandan. College is having Panjab University Sanctionaed Research Labs in the department of Chemistry. 

of Research